About ChereneI wish writing an about page was as easy as it was in primary school, where you basically just explain your appearance and hobbies and you’re done. Writing an about page as a grown up (that’s apparently what I am) is a lot more challenging, as I have no idea where to begin…

Well here goes, I’m a twenty something girl from Johannesburg. I finished my studies in fashion design in 2011. Since then I’ve been using my skills to create beautiful evening dresses for bridal, Matric Farewells and other special occasions.

I’ve always been a creative girl, my hands are like magic (#bragging). I love using my hands to create and always find it a fun challenge to try something new. So when I was asked to make my first garter, I didn’t pass the opportunity. The bride to be was from Scottish decent and wanted a garter made from her family kilt. It came out beautifully, but this was not my light bulb moment.

I made several more garters since that first one, always trying to make each one unique, personal and to somehow match it to the wedding or wedding dress. In the same way I created a garter for a long time friend, I gave it to her at her bridal shower, where it was seen by a friend of hers who worked at one of the largest retail wedding chain stores in SA as a buyer. Unbeknown to me, she was in the process of trying to source a new supplier of garters, and approached me with the opportunity. For the next few months I had A LOT of garters to make! And this is when the light bulb moment happened! I realised I love making these pretty little frilly delicate things, a few light bulb moments later I realised I wanted to open an online store to sell my own designs and other wedding accessories to offer brides something more unique.

I love the fact that something so small can bring so much joy to a bride. It may be my love of romance that makes me love weddings, but together with my love of weddings and love for creating, I’m dedicated to creating and offering customers beautiful goodies for weddings that can charm the socks, or should I say garter off any bride. My aim for And Something Pretty’s online store is to always offer unique, beautiful and interesting products, that can be delivered straight to your door for convenience.

We all know how stressful it is to plan a wedding, so many big and little things to be figured out. So being able to find products here instead of running around town hopelessly can really eliminate a lot of pressure when things start getting stressful.

Thanks for visiting my website and thank you for your support!

*happy shopping*